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On the January 19th, 2009 Foodinco Investment and Trading Joint Stock Group (FOODINCO GROUP) had hold its meeting for the Year-End Summation of 2008 and for the General Business Direction of 2009 for the whole group. The meeting was chaired by the General Director - Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuat (PhD) with the attendants consisting of the Chairman of Management Board (BOM) - Mr. Nguyen Tuan Hai (MBA), the Chief of Control Board - Mr. Chau Hieu Dung, all members of Foodinco’s BOM and Board of Directors (BOD) as well as the Directors and Chief Accountants from all of its affiliated units and subsidiaries.


The year of 2008 has elapsed with full difficulties and challenges in the eyes of everyone. Like most other companies in Vietnam and around the world, Foodinco Group has faced two storms and stresses. i.e. (1) the inflation in the Vietnamese economy has caused an unprecedented banking interests rate which resulted in an amount of loan’s interests that Foodinco had to pay for reaching VND 81 billion in this year, equivalent to 2.5 times higher in comparison with previous year of 2007 and (2) the economic recession happened in all over the world which caused an abrupt price reduction of all commodities as well as created an economic chaos on the global financial, monetary and commodities markets.


As results, the 2008 business output of the group has achieved only 80% compared with same period of previous year 2007. However, Foodinco had shifted most of its business activity of fertilizers to the temporary import for re-export instead of import for local market as previously done. In general, the group has obtained its business achievement as follows:

                        2008                                          compared with 2007

+ Total im-export turnover:      USD 96.6 million                    112%

+ Total industrial output:          VND 186.4 billion                   138.7%

+ Total business turnover:        VND 2,386 billion                   112.6%

+ State budget paid:                VND 51 billion                        138.7%

+ Business profits from sales    VND 17 billion                         60%    

   and provision of stocks-in-trade        


In the middle of the economic crisis, some of customers had violated the contracts signed with Foodinco which caused a great damage and loss to the group due to the global price reduction of all commodities even though the group had successfully claimed for an amount of USD1.54 million as compensation for contractual violation..


All the attendants had raised their opinions during the meeting to deeply analyze the situations in both objective and subjective reasons and causes in order to learn their lessons in the group’s business management and direction. A general business guideline and direction for the year of 2009 was also agreed by the meeting which aims at keeping watchful eyes on the turbulent market as well as continuing the promotion of current business activities on basis of the high quality of products, the efficiency of the services and the well-established reputation of Foodinco group.


The group’s strategy is determined to keep up in business fields as follows:

- Local trade and im-export activities of food and agricultural produces, fertilizers of all types as well as other main materials;
- Processing of white rice and wheat flour;
- Providing Logistics and Trade Services, Construction activities and Investment in some projects which the group already planned.


The Group also agreed to continue the equitization process during the year of 2009 for some of its affiliated units as well as to move the business operation of the group into the model of parent - subsidiary companies.

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