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Alphanam Group organizes a contact meeting with contractors for the Diamond Tower Project

Alphanam Group organizes a contact meeting with contractors for the Diamond Tower Project


ALPHANAM GROUP will celebrate an introduction event for the DIAMOND Project to contractors in Da Nang on 3rd June 2011 and Ha Noi on 7th June 2011.





ALPHANAM GROUP, a financial investment – real estate business – industrial manufacturing Group is currently carrying out a lot of nationwide Projects.

ALPHANAM Diamond Tower is a complex high-class condominium and department store located rightly at the center of Da Nang city and next to the Quay bridge – a symbol for Da Nang. Diamond Plaza is designed by a Spanish man who is one of the most famous architects in the World – Mr Salvador. He synchronized the design idea from the luxurious and sparkling beauty of diamond into this Han riverside Project.


ALPHANAM Diamond Tower is consisted of 36 floors and 4 basements with the total floor area of 51.300 squares meter. Four basements will be the department stores and other floors as the high-class condominium. Especially, there will be 2 yards on the top of the Tower for helicopters to descend and a Bar arranged there also for visitors to enjoy delicious wine and the view of the City at night.




For such a big scale project, ALPHANAM has trong determination to make Diamond Tower become the focal point to supplement the beauty and modern to Da Nang city with this splendid Project.

As a matter of the fact that Diamond Tower has been designed by the most well-known architects and equipped with the most advanced technology in the building, the Owner of the Project has strong wishes to select the most capable and experienced  contractor to join in building the Project.  For that reason, ALPHANAM GROUP holds this project introduction meeting to eligible construction contractors, material suppliers and other individuals as well as organizations.


The Project introduction meeting will be organized at 09 am on 3rd June 2011 at the location of the Diamond Tower Project – 58 Bach Dang street, Da nang City and at ALPHANAM Group head office – 33 Ba Trieu street, Ha noi at 9.30 am on 7th June 2011.


By this announcement, we want to inform to the public, eligible construction contractors, manufactures, suppliers participating into this event.

Register for participation and getting introduction materials, please contact:

Ha Noi contact point:
33A, Ba Trieu Street.
Tel : (04) 3936 7979 * Fax : (04)3939 3676 * E-mail: info@alphanam.com
Contact person: Ms. Phan Thu Huyen – Assistant for the Chairman of the Management Board
ĐTDĐ: 0989 609 000
Da Nang contact point:
58 Bach Dang, Hai Chau District, Da Nang city
Tel: (0511) 3822646, 3822418, 3810555 * Fax: (0511) 3822459
Contact person: Mr Tran Phuoc Son – Vice general director.
Tel: 0905 085 085


Warmly welcome pariticpants!

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